Circular conscience

Without losing focus on delivering high quality cocoa butter to the confectionery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry JS COCOA is expanding on the cocoa market offering sustainable high quality products.

While the circular economy is a global hot topic at the moment, it’s the heritage of Jan Schoemaker BV since 1923 being the circular conscience in the cocoa industry for almost 100 years already. JS COCOA is the last remaining 100% Dutch-owned cocoa processor of the industry, employing a dedicated and committed workforce of over 100 people in several entities in the Netherlands and Ghana.

Adding value, responsibly

Sustainability and social responsibility have our daily focus as it’s part of our core business model. JS COCOA proves that circularity, reuse and reduce of cocoa residue flows, product innovation and process optimisation combined are a perfect recipe to both run a commercial business model while making a positive impact on the cocoa industry and making it future-proof.

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