Adding value to our suppliers

Via our fully owned company Resigha Ltd., JS Cocoa contributes actively to community development in Africa in the form of financing electrical power, road improvement, public lavatories, and so on.

In Ghana, we offer our brokers incentives that ultimately improve their quality of life. The incentives are bonuses as part of a loyalty programme. They are distributed annually at Durbar gatherings, and can vary from Wellington boots, clocks and radios, to roofing sheets, bicycles, televisions, and even motorcycles.

We also work with a savings system for our brokers through which they save 20% of their commission for later spending on important investments. In addition, we act as micro-financiers by giving small loans. As a result, brokers, many of whom have worked with us for more than 25 years, have built new homes, or have invested in taxis, carpentry workshops, shops, or other small enterprises.

Adding value, responsibly

At JS COCOA we are committed to delivering high quality within everything we do. This applies to our solutions, services and way of working with products and our people. Sustainability and corporate responsibility have our daily focus. JS COCOA proves that circularity and key product solutions are possible thanks to innovative processes and make our industry future-proof.

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