Making a unique contribution through innovation.

At JS COCOA we differentiate ourselves from the industry by using different cocoa raw materials, and producing with a unique combination of processing techniques, resulting in a specialty portfolio of high standard cocoa ingredients, creating more value for all stakeholders.

Traceability in Ghana

Via our own purchase organisation in Ghana (Resigha Ltd.), set up and developed since 1984, and our extensive worldwide cocoa network, we warrant a steady inflow of cocoa, which we subsequently transform into ultra-low fat cocoa powders (0-2%) and widely used cocoa butters, both deodorized and refined.

Unique products

Take the ZERO for instance, this natural cocoa powder with less than 2% fat, creates a warm red-brown colour. This cocoa powder is produced with a narrow and stable specification. It is a solution for many customers across the world already and it could be the right solution for anyone looking to add cocoa content to biscuits, bakery, coatings, fillings and confectionery products at the best available price in the market.

In additional to the regular application of cocoa powder, the intense dark NERO is bringing innovation power to customers with fat-sensitive products. We can help you develop and launch a dark Macaron, a black Marshmellow, or a cocoa-version Nougat.

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