Retailer removes Palm oil

EFSA report on 3-MCPD and Glycidol drove some supermarkets to remove palm based products from the shelves. Introductions labeling No Palm have shown to be succesful and exploded between 2014-2020. Even products which did not contain Palm to start with, are now labeled Palm free. We see a strong lobby from French Ag industry. The strongest sentiment against Palm for health and conservation reasons is seen in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Nordics.

Cocoa butter as a Palm oil alternative

Commercially available alternatives to Palm are dominated by exotic fats / specialties (Cocoa butter, Shea, Sal, Mango, Kokum) or modified oils and fats i.e. blends, fractionated, hydrogenated or interesterified oils.

Derivatives of Palm oil have been introduced in the past as an alternative to cocoa butter for many years in the chocolate industry, allowing larger chocolate manufacturers to create products by replacing the cocoa butter, with a cheaper alternative. With the No Palm trend we see increasing demand for Cocoa butter, also for the production of food products other than chocolate.

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