No beans left behind

What happens with the great beans not making the cut?

Cocoa is all about high quality! Not all of a years’ harvest makes it past the highly selective Cocoa Board. What happens with all the ‘great beans’ not making the cut? JS COCOA.® developed a smart, sustainable and socially relevant solution with the goal to leave no good bean behind.

Chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa butter are great products derived from the cocoa bean. Growing on trees in tropical zones, these beans are harvested, treated and packed in bags to be shipped out to factories all over the world. Amsterdam being the biggest port of import world wide with the largest installed grind capacity in the Netherlands. One of the largest export countries of cocoa beans is Ghana. For years now a government controlled agency supervises the quality of the exported beans. Even if there is a small difference with respect to the set requirement, the career of a wannabe ‘Official Ghana bean’ can be terminated prematurely. What a waste!  

Bringing the extra to ordinary farmers

Hence many off spec ‘great beans’ are left behind, because they are too small, or otherwise different. Farmers in rural areas are left with these different beans. JS COCOA.® saw the opportunity tot add the extra to the ‘ordinary supply’ to its factory many years ago. Deprived of the official logistical channels, these valuable beans need to be treated special and collected separately.

Adding value

JS COCOA.® set out to develop a sophisticated and fine-mazed network of farmers and transporters, to collect and trade these specific extraordinary beans to be used in our production process. That’s how the beautiful RESIGHA®. saw daylight back in 1984 in the heart of Ashanti region, a whole-blood daughter of JS COCOA.®. Every harvest season agents and farmers meet to discuss, trade and collect the remaining stock. A valuable way of trade for farmers, bringing them additional income facilitated by JS COCOA.® and RESIGHA.®. But also inspiring encounters to catch up on the newest technological and economic developments. And, as Africa is Africa, encounters to deepen social bonds, strengthen cooperation. Renewed and refreshed every time we meet again.

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