Refined Deodorised Cocoa Butter & Ultra-Low Fat Cocoa Powder



Who are we?

JS Cocoa is a Dutch company and was founded by the Schoemaker brothers in Zaandam in 1923.


Our factory in Zaandam, the Netherlands, is known worldwide for our highly specialised production process with which we produce high quality refined cocoa butter. By using a highly innovative technology we recently were able to perfect Jan Schoemaker B.V.'s new solution for the food industry: defatted cocoa powder. This new technology has been recognised officially as an innovative technology by the Dutch government.


We pride ourselves in a long tradition of specialised production techniques and innovative products, but we are equally proud of our substantial network in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.


Mission & Ambition - Adding value, responsibly

Our mission & ambition is about adding value and placing value. About Schoemaker B.V.’s role in the cocoa world and our network in the industries. But ultimately, it’s about creating the best cocoa products we can in terms of quality, sustainability, and safety.



We create high quality products for our customers in various sectors that enhance the value of their end products in as many ways as possible.



In everything we do, we aim for the highest added value in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Core Values

We are creative

Being creative is a pre-requisite for providing our stakeholders with the highest possible added value.


Doing business is teamwork

Excellence is not achieved alone. We are committed to long-term relationships and work in close co-operation with customers, trading partners, (local) governments and consultants.


We listen

We are a dedicated long-term partner for our customers in various industries and respond to our customer’s needs with flexibility, creativity and insight.


Small is beautiful

We believe that we serve our stakeholders better by staying relatively small. It keeps us creative, alert and responsive to their needs.


We work responsibly

Being responsible means taking care of our people, our products, our customers, and our relations in the cocoa supply chain. We safeguard that our products and production processes meet the highest standards for quality, health, and safety. We operate in concordance with our understanding of our social and environmental responsibilities, both in the Netherlands and abroad.