Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter

JS COCOA offers a wide range of cocoa butters. Varying from standard deodorized cocoa butter ORIGINAL. for quality chocolate, to low FFA refined VELVET. for margarines, and ultra-white POLAR. for specialty products. Additionally we have a custommade range of CURVE. butters.

Deodorized cocoa butter

Deodorized cocoa butter ORIGINAL is produced for the best chocolate experience. With a steep melting curve and perfect chrystalization. A pure cocoa butter, ideal for chocolate tablets and pralines, clear from flavor and odorless.

Refined and deodorized cocoa butter VELVET is perfect for different chocolate applications such as chocolate sprinkles, ice-cream coatings and molded shapes. A softer cocoa butter with a lower melting point and special viscosity. With its low FFA level, it is also especially suitable to manage FFA-levels in cocoa butter blends.

White refined and deodorized cocoa butter POLAR is a premium ingredient for ultra-white chocolate, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and personal care application.

Custommade CURVE is a range of cocoa butters with a specific solution for everyone. Produced with the desired melting curve, colour, and free fatty acid level in line with your specific requirements.

Double refined cocoa butter OLYMPUS USP NF is a very low free fatty acids cocoa butter. Worldwide known to be the solution for sensitive cosmetics, pharmaceutics and personal care products. FDA approved and conform USP-NF standards, OLYMPUS is the market leading brand in the USA for decades.