Refined Deodorised Cocoa Butter & Ultra-Low Fat Cocoa Powder

A historic overview

JS Cocoa was founded in Zaandam in 1923 by the brothers Jan and Piet Schoemaker.


In these days the brothers mostly traded in seeds, cereals, and leguminous vegetables at the Amsterdam stock exchange.


They soon discovered a niche market for unconventional raw cocoa materials and developed specialised production techniques. JS Cocoa has used mechanical and solvent extraction techniques for the extraction of cocoa fat since 1925 and began refining cocoa fat for the production of 100% refined deodorised cocoa butter in 1958. Since the early days, we have been widely known as a leading producer of high quality products and we take pride in our worldwide reputation for our specialised production techniques.


In the sixties and seventies, the heydays of cocoa production, JS Cocoa owned a production plant in Brazil, a buying firm in Ghana and a production plant in Nigeria. Between 1984 and 1989 the company witnessed a takeover, a merger and a management buy-out, resulting in a more effective operation. This ensured JS Cocoa’s ability to weather the rather disappointing years in the worldwide cocoa trade in the early nineties and re-establish itself as a leading partner in the cocoa industry.


Via our own purchase organisation in Ghana (Resigha Ltd.) and our extensive worldwide cocoa network, we warrant a steady inflow of raw cocoa material, which we subsequently transform into ultra-low fat cocoa powder (0-2%) or high quality refined deodorised cocoa butter.


JS Cocoa operates in a specialised market. We are a niche player in the world’s largest cocoa processing town, yet we have become a household name for many customers in various industries all over the world.