Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder

The unique cocoa powders of JS COCOA are near 100% fiber solids. Applied in bakery and confectionery, ice cream and dairy as well as in low caloric health products. Ensuring intense colouring and dispersibility in liquid is exceptionally good.

Benefits of JS COCOA low fat powders.

Strong color impact. More color to your product with the use of ZERO™ and NERO™, due to a narrow particle size distribution and lower fat content (10% more coloring fiber solid particles).

Great solubility. Better processing efficiency and improved consumer experience with the unique solubility of cocoa powders ZERO™ and NERO™. No more lumps and floaters, due to full dispersibility even in cold liquids.

Low alkali. No more off-taste in alkalized cocoa powder and acidity level (pH) is low, due to limited use of alkali during production of specialty cocoa powder NERO™.

Intense dark NERO and red-brown ZERO

Black-alkalized cocoa powder NERO is a unique intense dark cocoa powder, with an exceptionally low fat, alkali and pH level. Resulting in brilliant dark coloured products like biscuits, brownies, muffins and coatings. This low fat powder is also used in fat-sensitive products like macarons, merengue, marshmallows, and nougat.

0-2% natural cocoa powder ZERO creates a warm red colour. This specialty low fat cocoa powder is the solution for customers looking for affordable cocoa content in segments like biscuits, bakery, coatings, fillings and confectionery.