We are the Dutch cocoa processor with a circular conscience and the passionate belief that potentially beautiful cocoa should not be wasted. By reusing cocoa residue flows from the cocoa and chocolate industry and cocoa bean misfits from cocoa origin countries, we not only help reducing cocoa waste streams, we also create more value for our customers and generate extra income for our partner cocoa farmers in Africa. The unique combination of production processes, combined with the experienced team of specialists and our customer-focused flexible supply chain together, deliver high standard cocoa ingredients to customers all over the world.


The unique cocoa powders of JS COCOA are near 100% fiber solids. Applied in bakery and confectionery, ice cream and dairy as well as in low caloric health products. Ensuring intense coloring, and dispersibility in liquid is exceptionally good.


JS COCOA offers a range of cocoa butters, varying from standard deodorized cocoa butter ORIGINAL™ for quality chocolates, to ultra-low FFA refined cocoa butter VELVET™ for example in margarines, spreads and ice cream coatings, and paper-white cocoa butter POLAR™ for high-end specialty products. Other well known-brands in our portfolio are OLYMPUS and CURVE™.