Refined Deodorised Cocoa Butter & Ultra-Low Fat Cocoa Powder

October 9, 2018

MBO at Jan Schoemaker B.V. - the last 100% Dutch owned cocoa processor, since 1923

‘Unique cocoa products with a circular conscience’.


ZAANDAM October 9th 2017 - While the circular economy is a global hot topic at the moment, it’s the heritage of Jan Schoemaker BV since 1923, being the circular conscience in the cocoa industry for 94 years already. We are proud to present the 5th generation of Schoemaker’s owners, who will also be appointed to the board of Directors. Daan Reitsma -  Managing Director: “I feel fortunate to be the next generation in this great company. Special thanks go to Karel Reitsma, Henk Kaandorp and Nick Jan Cramer for strengthening and expanding the foundation of Schoemaker over the last 30 years and making it a well-known and reliable business partner in the world of cocoa. I look forward to continue this together with my partners and the entire Schoemaker team”.


Schoemaker is the last remaining 100% Dutch-owned cocoa processor of the industry, employing a dedicated and committed workforce of over 100 people in several entities in the Netherlands and Ghana. Paul Silva da Cruz - Financial Director: “I feel proud and honoured to be part of the next chapter of Schoemaker; a unique company with an exceptional production process and beautiful people. A small player filled with potential.”


Without losing focus on delivering high quality cocoa butter to the confectionery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, which Jan Schoemaker BV is known for, the company is also in progress of expanding on the cocoa market. Pieter Schulting - Commercial Director: “Over the years Schoemaker has developed the expertise to produce high quality cocoa products like refined deodorized butter and highly defatted powder made from unconventional cocoa streams sourced around the globe. This basically makes Jan Schoemaker BV the circular conscience of the cocoa industry already since 1923. A strong foundation to further build on and develop.” 

For questions don’t hesitate to contact our new team:


Daan Reitsma – Managing Director –         +31(0)756504814


Pieter Schulting – Commercial Director – +31(0)624259293


Paul Silva da Cruz – Financial Director –        +31(0)756504807


July 18, 2017

Our defatted cocoa powder is FSSC 22000 certified

Great news! Our defatted cocoa powder is FSSC 22000 approved. 


Food safety is our responsibility. Therefore it was our objective to get our newest cocoa product FSSC 22000 certified.


When designing and engineering the cocoa powder plant food safety has always been a crucial component in decision taking. In addition, we have gained knowlegde over the last years when replacing HACCP for FSSC 22000 and working under this new system. This made the certification process go smoothly.   


It has been a great team effort and we are proud with this new milestone.


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