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Our belief and conviction is to never let something beautiful go to waste. Thanks to our groundbreaking techniques and way of operating we get the best out of every cocoa bean. This results in high quality products, a responsible way of working and increased value for all stakeholders in the chain.

Testimonials from our partners

We place great value on collaboration. With our network in Ghana but certainly also the buyers of our product solutions. Without partners you are nowhere. We have known this for almost 100 years.

IMCD partner Js cocoa
We, IMCD, as distributor count on our producer’s service regarding quality, flexibility and fair pricing. This we find 100% at JS Cocoa!
Mark Bierenbroodspot | International Buyer
IMCD Benelux B.V.

Agri Terra partner JS cocoa
Partnering with JS Cocoa through the Abinkyi Project brought great opportunities to showcase our impact on developing cooperatives as a “sustainable  business”. JS Cocoa is very relevant for the cocoa industry in Ghana, giving farmers the opportunity to make income from something that would otherwise be waste.
Habiba Nyarko Agyemang | Country Representative
 Agriterra Ghana
Newtown foods USA partner JS cocoa
For over 30 years, Newtown Foods USA has been JS Cocoa’s North American partner, marketing OLYMPUS. brand NF cocoa butter to our pharma and cosmetic customers. We are proud that so many of the world’s best known consumer brands have trusted OLYMPUS. brand cocoa butter for decades.
John A McDonald | President
Newtown Foods USA
De Euforij partner JS cocoa
Wij zijn ‘groos’ (trots) op de Zaanse cacao- en chocolade historie. De Euforij werkt zoveel mogelijk samen met Zaanse leveranciers. Zo blijft kennis en ervaring in de regio geborgd. Wij hebben een prettige samenwerking met JS Cocoa. Niet alleen de producten, ook het warme en professionele contact met deze wereldspeler, hebben ons positief verrast.
Isabel Koelewijn | Creative Director
De Euforij chocolade

We offer high standard low-fat natural and dark-alkalized cocoa powders. Providing red-brown and intense dark coloring at minimum calories.

We produce a broad portfolio of deodorized or refined cocoa butters differentiating by melting curve, free fatty acid content, color and purity level.